The Real T. rex with Chris Packham

Producer: Talesmith / Cineflix

Talesmith and Cineflix to produce myth-busting documentary The Real T. rex with Mr. Chris Packham (US – Rediscovering T. rex) for BBC, CBC and France TV

Talesmith, the high-end factual production company and leading North American producer Cineflix Productions, have been jointly commissioned by the BBC, CBC and France TV to produce The Real T. rex, a documentary special exposing the myths surrounding the most infamous predator to have ever walked the earth, Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The 1 x 60’ min documentary follows naturalist and life-long T. rex enthusiast Chris Packham as he embarks on an international; journey to discover the truth behind the centuries of inaccuracy and misrepresentation fuelled by films and gaps in our scientific understanding. Meeting experts all over the world, the programme reveals ground-breaking insights into not only to what T. rex looked like but also its behaviour.

With both a new understanding of palaeontology and zoology, and trailblazing technology, The Real T. rex will then attempt to create the most accurate CGI representation of the Tyrannosaurus Rex ever produced.

Big, fierce and extinct! It’s the most famous, most glamorous poster pin-up in the zoological world; it’s the greatest animal that ever lived. And yet perhaps the most misrepresented too. It’s time to put that right. T. rex has evolved more in my lifetime than the last 65 million years; it’s gone from a grey tail-dragging dullard to an intelligent, social super-predator. Using science, we will at last tell the truth about T. rex. Don’t bother to put the kettle on! Chris Packham, Host of The Real T. rex

At Talesmith, we’re all about forging new perspectives, big ideas and big characters and the ambition of this film says it all. There really aren’t any bigger characters or stories than the most famous predator on earth - and we’re taking on Hollywood with our own, true portrayal of this magnificent animal Martin Williams, Executive Producer

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