Flyride Changbaishan 4D

Producer: Talesmith / Moonraker VFX

Talesmith and Moonraker VFX have come together to set-up special projects vehicle FLYRIDE to produce a five-minute film for the new visitor’s centre at Changbaishan National Park in China.

The film will include a two-minute pre-show that uses smart suspension seat technology to place the audience ‘inside’ a four storey, 4K Dome screen. It will tell the story of the natural world in a single aerial flight and will incorporate physical effects like mist, wind and scent.

The experience will explore the relationship between creatures that live at Changbaishan National Park and their environment, as well as the story of the region (at the border between China and North Korea) over the course of a year.

Talesmith will create the story’s visuals through custom VR technology and will produce the narrative for the experience. The visual effects will be provided by Moonraker VFX, and together with the chair’s sensory motions, FLYRIDE should make the viewer feel like they’re “truly flying”.

This is an enormously exciting undertaking, that fundamentally alters the definition of VR Martin Williams

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