Martin Williams

Martin Williams

Founder & Creative Director

Martin is a multi award-winning director and producer with over 20 years experience.

Martin's films are known for their impact visuals and powerful narratives.

He has won critical acclaim and numerous industry awards in the process, including a BAFTA, three Emmys, a Wildscreen Panda, a Jackson Hole award, two RTS awards, an AAAS award and an International 3D Society Award. Others have been nominated for a pair Griersons, several Televisual Bulldogs and numerous other awards.

Martin's credits include:

  • RTS winning Galapagos 3D (Sky One, Sky 3D & IMAX 2013)
  • BAFTA nominated series David Attenborough’s Kingdom of Plants 3D (Sky One & Sky 3D, 2012)
  • Triple Emmy winning and twice BAFTA nominated David Attenborough’s First Life (BBC2, 2010)
  • Attenborough’s Journey (BBC2, 2010)
  • Emmy nominated Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking (Discovery, Channel 4; 2010)
  • Inside Planet Earth (Discovery; 2009)
  • Growing Babies (BBC4, 2008)
  • Inside the Living Body (National Geographic, Channel 4; 2007) which won an Emmy award for VFX
  • Red Arrows (BBC1, 2006)
  • Emmy and Grierson nominated Wave that Shook the World (PBS, Channel 4; 2005), a quick turnaround film on the Boxing Day tsunami that aired just a month after it struck, for which he was awarded an AAAS science journalism award
  • Panda and Grierson nominated The Burrower’s: Animals Underground (BBC2; 2013)
  • The Queen’s Garden (ITV1; 2014)
  • Sky’s BAFTA nominated Big Cats: An Amazing Animal Family.